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4 Ways To Include Kids When Decorating

This is our first year decorating the house with an almost toddler. Let's just say there's been a lot of "hey, don't touch that. No, no, EJ". I can't blame him for being so fascinated being that this time last year he was nowhere near interested in what was going on.

After realizing that it would just be easier to include him, I began to count and identify colors as I was unpacking the decorations. Here are 4 ways that you can include your little one as you are decorating the house this holiday season.


As you're unpacking your decor, either have your little one count or count to them. When I was unpacking the ornaments, I just counted each ornament as I placed them on the floor.

"EJ, let's count the ornaments. 1,2,3...."


Simply ask your little one the color of a decor item or tell them the color.

"EJ, this ornament is silver".


Have your little one place alike objects in one pile. I guided EJ to place alike objects in a pile as I was unpacking decorations.

"Hey EJ, here are two angels. Let's place them together."


When it comes to Christmas decorations, there are so many unique shapes and objects. You can either ask your little one to identify the shape/object or tell your little one the shape/object.

"Look EJ! It's a snowflake"

Including your little one serves as fun, interactive learning opportunity all while decorating the house. Happy decorating!


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