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4 Ways To Prepare For Baby

There are many ways to help you prepare for baby. Every mommy is different when it comes to what is really helpful. Here are four ways that were really helpful to prepare for the arrival of our baby boy.

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Birth Classes

I wanted to get the 411 on everything concerning labor, delivery, breastfeeding… anything! The hospital where I gave birth offers free birthing classes. Being a first-time mommy, you do not have any experience and/or know where to even begin. Advice is always helpful, but I need that classroom setting with visuals and hands on practice. Although my mind was constantly on the unknown, attending the classes gave me a sense of comfort.


I credit being active prior to pregnancy and during pregnancy as to why I had a REALLY good pregnancy. I was doing 3-4 days of strength training per week during my pregnancy. My last workout was four weeks before I gave birth. My body basically said enough when I started having contractions the day before Halloween. I honestly believe any type of physical activity is good activity. Do not get caught up with the thought that you have to run, strength train, etc. Always consult with your OB/GYN about physical activity.


My advice for a baby registry….START EARLY! Starting your registry early gives you time to add as you go along. Most registries have a feature where it can be hidden before you release it publicly. Although I had baby registries at Target, Amazon, Wal-Mart, and BuyBuyBaby, I used Babylist, which groups all of your registries in one place.


Regardless if you plan to have baby sleep in the nursery or not, assemble the furniture, hang the clothes, decorate. Once baby is here, it is so hard to even think about trying to make sure the nursery is complete. For whatever reason, I did not experience “nesting”. I blame moving while pregnant, but that’s definitely another story for another day.

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