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7 Quarantine Self-Care Tips

Updated: Jul 5

I hope all of you are doing well. Life has been so busy and quite an adjustment with the events going on in the world. It’s important that we not only interact and bond with our family, but also exercise self-care. Check out my top SEVEN quarantine self-care tips below.

1. Exercise

There are so many trainers and gyms offering FREE virtual workouts. This past weekend I participated in a Nike virtual workout via YouTube. Y’all, I’m still sore today, but maybe you’re not into the intense workout routines. I get it! My family has made it routine to walk the neighborhood at least three to four times throughout the week. It doesn’t matter what type of exercise you decide to do, just move!

2. Pamper Yourself

I’ve found that giving my husband a heads up about my 30-minute shower does the body and mind some good. Whatever it is that you like to do, communicate with your significant other so that you can enjoy without interruptions.

3. Unplug

Number three is definitely for me! Lock, hide your electronic devices. Do what you have to do so that you are able to establish boundaries.

4. Drink Water/Eat Healthy Foods

Now is the time to focus on increasing your water intake and incorporating healthier foods. With so much time, we don’t have an excuse. Think of ways to make it easier, like meal planning.

5. Practice Gratitude

In these times, we have so much to be thankful for. Write it down!

6. Ask For Help

You’re not weak, you’re strong! Ask for help.

7. Discover A New Hobby

This is so hilarious, but my new hobby is learning new dances/voice overs on TikTok (I’m going to show y’all a little snippet below). My husband thinks everything about TikTok is lame, but it’s definitely my new happy space. This is a great time to start a hobby and perfect it. Whether it be gardening, sewing, or whatever it is that makes you happy.

I hope these seven tips will motivate you to give yourself the self-care that you need. My prayer is that you and your families remain happy and healthy.

With love,

-Brown Mommy

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