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Baby EJ’s Nighttime Routine

Updated: Jul 15

I’m going to be honest, a consistent nighttime routine for our baby did not exist until he started going to daycare. While I was on maternity leave, it was more so just going with his flow versus trying to create a routine. It wasn’t until I returned to work that I became more vested in attempting to establish a nighttime routine.

One thing that I began to notice, EJ would not go to sleep unless I was physically in the bed. There are nights that I stay up a little longer than usual, but that also means that EJ was staying up also, which also meant he was sleeping more during the day. Again, this was all prior to him attending daycare.

So just a quick backstory. We knew EJ was going to attend daycare, but I wasn’t too concerned at the time, because we relied on friends/family to help us out in the months prior to the summer months. We found a daycare that we really loved, but of course, a good daycare has a waiting list. An opening came available, but as you know we’re currently in a whole pandemic. However, I prayed and I felt so comfortable and assured that the daycare had proper policies and procedures in place. We opted to take the open slot so EJ could be enrolled.

So fast forward, EJ is in daycare and basically daycare has saved our lives. EJ is now on a schedule, which means that we have a consistent nighttime routine. Check out EJ’s simple, but effective nighttime routine.

5PM: BATH TIME -Our bath time is early, because I shower immediately when I get home from work and it just makes sense to bathe him too. I’m not too particular on bath soap, but I do prefer to use the Aveeno Baby Eczema Therapy Nighttime Balm or Baby Dove Night Time Lotion. EJ doesn’t have eczema, but I’m a firm believer of moisturizing your skin and I looooovvveeee the Aveeno nighttime balm.

6PM: DINNER- EJ’s dinner consists of stage 2 pureed solids and breastmilk.

7PM: PLAYTIME/EVENING WALK- By this time, EJ is a straight up busy body or we may decide to take a walk around the neighborhood. Either way, by 7:30 he usually settles down and gets really quiet.

8PM: STORY TIME & NURSING- We read a book and then EJ breastfeeds. This breastfeeding session usually knocks EJ right out. By 8:30, we have a sleeping baby.

After writing out this nighttime routine, it looks so easy and simple on paper, but when you’re dealing with a baby it doesn’t always go as planned. Be patient and don’t stress. It’s been a great first week of blogging. I’ll be back on Monday!

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