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Baby Brands- Top 20 [Part 1]

Updated: Jul 18

Hi diary readers! When it comes to baby brands and their products, the market is saturated. There is so much to choose from, and it can require quite a bit of research when you want to find the best of the best. Easily, I have more than five baby brands/products that I love, but today I will highlight 5 that are in my top 20.

*Disclosure: I only recommend products I would use myself and all opinions expressed here are my own. This post may contain affiliate links, and I may earn a small commission at no additional cost to you. You can read my full disclaimer here. 

4Moms MamaRoo

Although quite spendy, for us, it was worth it. We purchased a gently used MamaRoo3 from Facebook Market for $60, and the seller included the newborn insert for free. Yeah, I said $60. There is a newer version of the MamaRoo (MamaRoo4), but the only big difference between the 3 and 4 is the user interface. That really did not make much of a difference to me, which is why I went with the older version.

The MamaRoo is basically a “luxury” version of a bouncer, rocker, soother. I have heard and seen mixed reviews about the MamaRoo. Mommies have raved about this product and others were like their baby just did not like it, which is another reason why I opted to purchase a gently used MamaRoo—save your coins where you can! After using the MamaRoo for the first 3-4 months, if I had to do it all over again, I would be willing to purchase a brand new MamaRoo at the price of $220. We could literally place EJ in the MamaRoo and within two minutes he was sleep. While everyone was at work, I would place EJ in the MamaRoo while I showered. Even when eating dinner, EJ would be right in the MamaRoo. We got our money’s worth and then some. Although I purchased my MamaRoo from Facebook Market, it is also available at Amazon, plus you can get it in 2 days.

Dékor Diaper Pail

The Dékor diaper pail was not my first pick. Finding a diaper pail was probably my most researched baby item because I did not want to experience the foul odor smell. Along with that requirement, I wanted a diaper pail that was versatile. My initial selection for a diaper pail was the Ubbi diaper pail, but I just could not wrap my mind around a navy steel diaper pail that retailed for $70. Plus, the reviews for the Ubbi diaper pail was not all that. I kept searching and came across the Dékor diaper pail on the Buy Buy Baby website .

What I love about this diaper pail is that you are not limited to using only special made bags for the diaper pail. If you do not want to use Dékor bags, then you can just use a regular trash bag. When it comes to odor, I have yet to smell a foul odor from this diaper pail and there have been times when the diaper pail was jammed packed with diapers. As EJ is becoming more mobile, I know that he will begin to explore and get into things. The Dékor diaper pail has a locking opening/closing feature that will prevent your baby from getting into a mess. And like most other diaper pails, it is hands free. The price of the Dékor diaper pail is much more reasonable at $39.99.

Kiinde Twist Breastfeeding Starter Kit

I had no real interest in pumping, which explains why I did not start pumping until a week before I returned to work. My oldest sister, who had her baby in the early part of 2019, always shares with me products that she has used. She told me about the Kiinde system and how it is super easy to pump directly in the pouch and you do not have to transfer the milk into another bottle to feed baby. I still was not interested in pumping, but I did at least research Kiinde.

Kiinde is a game changer! I purchased the Kiinde Twist Breastfeeding Starter Kit at Target for $39.99. You cannot get anything simpler than this system when it comes to breastfeeding. I have a Spectra breast pump and a Lansinoh breast hand pump. The Kiinde system includes several labeled adaptors that will work for various pumps. What makes it simple and easy is that you pump directly into the pouch and the pouch clicks into the bottle attachment. You never have to worry about transferring milk from bottle to bottle. Who wants to cry over spilled milk…like literally! The system also includes slow, medium, and fast flow bottle nipples along with a freezer tray to store frozen milk. Since the pouches are not reusable, I usually either purchase from Amazon or Target.

Pictured: Kiinde Breastmilk Storage Bag & Kiinde Twist Pouch

Kinsa Smart Ear Thermometer

Having an accurate thermometer for your baby is essential. Being the millennial that I am, I love when a device connects to an app on your phone. After much research, again. I found the Kinsa Smart Ear Thermometer online at Target. I do not have time to write down temperatures, better yet memorize them. With the Kinsa app, it records the temperature, categorizes the temperature as a fever or no fever, and displays time temperature was taken. The actual display on the thermometer will display a happy face with a normal temperature, neutral face with a low-grade temperature, and a sad face with a high temperature. Other functions of the Kinsa app includes a reminder, medication, diagnosis, and symptoms tab function. If your household consists of multiple kids, no worries, because you can create a profile for each child on the app, which makes it easier to keep track of everyone’s temperature and/or symptoms. The Kinsa Smart Ear Thermometer is available at Target for $39.99.

Dinobi Laundry Detergent

When I think of laundry detergents that are safe for babies, my initial thought is Dreft laundry detergent. I had a few sample packs of Dreft, but I did not purchase Dreft, because it is quite expensive. Plus, I purchase Free & Clear detergents anyway, which my mom assured me that it would be okay to wash EJ’s clothes with. After being educated by Dinobi detergent, I stopped washing EJ’s clothes in what is advertised as “free & clear”.

I was introduced to Dinobi detergent by watching a Mielle Organics Instagram live that was featuring black businesses. First of all, this husband and wife duo’s energy was amazing, and they were passionate about their product. They developed this detergent due to eczema issues in their household, but the most enlightening part was that the husband called a laundry detergent company to inquire about the ingredients in their “free&clear” detergent. Okay, hold your pearls, this is what I learned…the ingredients are not listed on the back of the detergent bottle—mind blown! Go look at your detergent bottle, like right now! So basically, the company was not forth coming with the ingredients in their product. I immediately purchased two bottles of Dinobi laundry detergent, because their 4 ingredients are not only listed on the bottle, but they do not contain harsh ingredients. My goal is to eventually transition the entire household over Dinobi detergent. Dinobi laundry detergent is available at their website .

I hope this will make you life easier, like creating and adding to your baby registry Be on the lookout for part 2. In the meantime, be sure to subscribe to my email list so you will not miss out on future blogs. I'll be back tomorrow!

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