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Embracing Postpartum Weight Loss

Breastfeeding for me is two-fold—feed my baby and weight loss. I’m so grateful to be providing my baby with breastmilk, but I was not expecting this much weight loss (I've lost approximately 35 lbs). For me, weight loss was very slow in the beginning. I was a little discouraged, because I was like so many mommies have raved about weight loss when breastfeeding. Fast forward to April, my weight loss began to pick up and I was very satisfied, because these were the results that I was looking for. Fast forward to last week, I was NOT happy at all—my scrub uniforms are so loose and it seems like my shape has just melted away. I was just so frustrated and didn’t even realize that I would be this frustrated about weight loss. I think what’s frustrating is that I have met my goal weight, but I’m continuing to lose weight.

It wasn’t until this past weekend, that I put my frustration to the side and began to embrace my weight loss. I had to go back and reflect on my postpartum goals. Weight loss was my number one goal and I achieved that, which deserves a celebration…not a pity party. We can sometimes get so caught up in the negative and totally bypass the positive. Yes, my clothes may be too big, but the positive is that I can purchase some new clothes. And, that’s what can really turn any situation around—finding the positive and dismissing the negative. I hope you’re able to find the positive today in your situation.

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