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First Week Back to Work- I Survived

Those twelve weeks of maternity leave flashed before my eyes, but I’m so grateful for the time that I was able to bond with my baby. I often here stories of how some women have to return to work after six weeks. I would’ve been a complete wreck; an extra six weeks definitely makes a difference.

During that last week of maternity leave, I was mentally preparing myself to return to work, because I’ve heard of the crying spells, not being able to pump breastmilk, or even submitting a resignation letter. To ease my worries, my husband and I recruited family members for the month of March to watch EJ during the workday. When I returned on Monday and throughout the week, I was focused and at peace, because I knew for a fact that my baby was in good hands. Let’s not forget, with it still being flu/cold season my worries of him becoming sick went out the window.

Not immediately enrolling EJ into daycare was the best decision we could’ve made, because it’s definitely the reason why I was able to have a smooth transition back to work. Trust me, it’s not easy leaving your baby home when you’ve been with him for the past twelve weeks. I couldn’t thank my family enough for agreeing to take time away from their jobs to help us.

For all of my mommies, my hope and prayer is that as you prepare to return to work that you will have comfort and peace.

-Brown Mommy


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