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Give Yourself Grace

This was definitely not the initial blog that I had planned for this day, but I think it’s important for me to be transparent. I’m tired, I’m worn out and I just want to go to bed at this point. In the back of my mind I’m like…no I need to stick to what I have planned out for the consistency challenge, but my body is saying give yourself grace.

I had so much planned for this evening once I returned home from work, but my plans really did not go as planned. When you have a 7-month-old that needs and wants your attention along with being exhausted, sometimes you have no choice but to give in. I think this was just a way for my body to tell me to slow down, because I have been on go mode since last week. While I’m currently welcoming sleep, my baby has this common habit of fighting sleep. We both need grace at this point. I’m definitely grateful for my husband for picking up where I have left off.

My hope is that when you come across times where you need to pause, remember to give yourself grace. We need it and we deserve it. Wishing positive vibes and love.

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