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How I Meal Prep Baby Food For The Week

Updated: Jul 15

Hi diary readers! Meal prepping for a 7-month-old is no joke. I have to make a grocery list, pick up the groceries--- I try not to enter stores due to COVID-19, prepare/cook the foods, place the food in containers, and then label. As you can see, there’s a lot that goes into making baby food.

Why don’t you just purchase the packaged Gerber baby food? Just like making an early decision to breastfeed, I’ve always known that I was going to at least attempt to make baby food for EJ, even if it was only for a month. I’m not totally against Gerber baby food, but as a Dietitian, my food alarms go off, because that package of baby Gerber food has been sitting on the grocery store shelf for weeks, maybe even a month. I know that when I prepare and make foods for EJ, it can barely last an entire week until I’m like okay this needs to be tossed. Granted, we’re adults and mostly everything that we consume has a long shelf life, but I want to be able to give my baby a good start.

The baby bullet was one of the first items that I added to my registry, and I was so gracious enough to have received this gift. The Baby Bullet Complete Baby Food Prep Systems can be found at Target ($49.49) and Walmart ($49.95). It comes with (2) blades, (6) storage containers with lids, (1) storage tray, (1) freezer storage tray with lid, (1) spatula, and a recipe book.

Now to the good part! How do I meal prep baby food for the week? Meal prepping occurs on Sunday and I usually make enough to last until Wednesday. On Wednesday night, I’ll make enough to cover the rest of the week and weekend. I do this to avoid making large quantities in case (a) baby doesn’t like it (b) baby has an allergic reaction and (c) to avoid food spoilage.

Although the baby bullet comes with a recipe book, I use the Gerber website as a guide, because they list the fruits and/or vegetables used along with the measurement. It basically takes out the guess work and it allows me to offer more variety versus trying to brainstorm and totally missing out on offering a great option---I’m still dealing with baby brain, that’s another topic for later. I usually select three fruit/veggie combo options which takes care of breakfast, lunch, and dinner. After cooking/blending, I place the food in the storage container. A feature that I love about the storage container is the number dial, which is basically there to tell you the date the food was made/it’s old, throw it out! I label and place the containers in the fridge for easy access in the morning.

Making food for baby is not easy and I definitely have to be on point since I’m sending food to daycare every day. I totally understand if purchasing baby food makes your life much easier, I get it! I’m just a testament that it can be done, and it also be enjoyable. I hope these tips will either inspire you to make food for your baby or make it an easier process if you’re already making baby food. If you’re up for the challenge, I would love to see pictures of your baby food meal prep. I’ll be back tomorrow!

----Brown Mommy

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