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How I Restored My Milk Supply

After consuming the Munchkin Milkmakers Lactation Tea for an entire week, my milk supply has returned to its normal output. About two weeks ago I noticed that I just was not producing the typical amount of milk when I was pumping. So on average I pump 4-5 ounces per breast, but during the time when my milk supply decreased, I was only pumping about 3 ounces per breast.

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I pack four, 4 ounce bottles in EJ’s lunch box when he goes to daycare. Maybe two days out of the week he may return home with one bottle, but it is more common for him to return home with four empty bottles. I was starting to get concerned because the small stash of milk that I had was starting to become nonexistent, which meant we were going to have to resort to formula.

Since I am a tea lover, I searched for a lactation tea and I found the Munchkin Milkmakers Lactation Tea in the flavor berry. Here are some details about the Munchkin Milkmakers tea that I purchased.

Munchkin Milkmakers Lactation Tea

Lactation consultant recommended

12 biodegradable sachets

Makes 36 cups

Caffeine free

Consume hot or cold

Gluten Free

Ingredients: organic fenugreek seed, organic lemongrass, organic fennel seed, organic hibiscus, organic rooibos, and natural berry flavor

I am still not sure why my milk supply decreased, because there were no changes as far as EJ nursing, my water consumption, or eating habits. This was definitely a close call, because there was only one bottle left in the freezer, which meant I had to pump at least four- 4 ounce bottles that day. I had some doubts that the tea may not return or increase my milk supply, but I was definitely proven wrong. Based upon my results, I would encourage you to at least try the Munchkin Milkmakers Lactation Tea.

Have you ever had a change in your milk supply? How were you able to return your supply?

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