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How To Overcome Daycare Fears

Updated: Jul 15

Hi diary readers! I’m so happy to be back with y’all for another consistent week of blogging. Let’s talk about daycare. Now I know this is a conversation that every parent can relate to. Nobody can take care of your baby like you can, and I think that’s what gives me a little anxiety. Let’s face the facts, we don’t work from home and my parents, who live fairly close are not at retirement age. Soooo, daycare it is. Okay, but what are some ways to overcome daycare fears?

1. Write Down Your Expectations

What is it that you want to see at your child’s daycare? Some of my expectations are a clean, safe environment with caring, supporting, loving staff. Honestly, you have to decide on what you can and cannot tolerate when it comes to your expectations. Being clear on your expectations and even keeping those expectations on hand when you visit facilities will keep you focused on what it is that you want. Here are some other expectations to consider: style of teaching/curriculum, security (cameras, passcode entry), location, child to teacher ratio.

2. Take Tours

If daycare is your reality, begin tours as soon as possible. You definitely want to make sure that you visit during hours that will allow you to see teacher-child interaction. This will give you an idea on how and what staff uses to interact with your baby. I toured several daycares and I immediately knew which daycare was a NO or YES.

3. Review Credentials

Daycare licensing and credentials is public knowledge. If for some reason you cannot locate these documents, reach out to the Director to request this information. Requirements vary from state to state, but everything is typically within the same range of requirements for operation. Here in Georgia, daycares classified as “Quality Rated Child Care” facilities have public audits that outline standard categories that have been met or not met, and then thoroughly lists the deficiency with a follow-up date. For me, this gives me the ability to make an even more sound decision.

These three things mattered the most to me when I made the decision on what daycare EJ would attend. Not only should you consider these three things, but even COVID-19 policies and procedures have to be considered if you don’t have the option of keeping your child at home. At the end of the day, you have the right to question and receive answers— now I’m not telling y’all to go up there and act a fool. What I’m saying is that asking questions is perfectly fine. Don’t ever feel like you’re “doing too much”. Be your child’s biggest advocate. One tip-- if the daycare has a waiting list, they’re most likely a good daycare. I’ll be back tomorrow!

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