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Mother's Day Letter

Updated: May 11

Happy Mother’s Day to my Brown Mommy readers. I just wanted to write a short letter to express the significance of Mother’s Day to me. I hope this letter will bless you on this special day no matter the circumstances.

Mommy, Mother, Momma, Ma, Madea, Mom- It doesn’t matter how we spell or pronounce these words, but what matters is the loving, caring, giving, protecting soul that was given this title. It is today that we highlight the pillar that has raised us to be who we are today. In honor of all the mommies across the world, this is why we rock!

M: “Magical” No matter the situation, she’s always behind the scenes making it happen

O: “One-of-a-kind” She’s special, but yet irreplaceable. So unique, no one could ever take her


M: “Model” She’s everything you want to be when you grow up

M: “Matter-of-fact” She tells you like it is- no matter if you’re right or wrong Y: “Youthful” She exudes an ageless glow

I understand that the celebration of Mother’s Day may be a difficult holiday for some people to celebrate. My prayer is that God will wrap his loving arms around you and grant you peace, but most of all I pray that your sweet memories will bring you joy.

With love and peace. Happy Mother’s Day.

-Brown Mommy


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