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My Mommy Self-Care Routine

Hi diary readers! As a mommy who is busy every day, because a baby just doesn’t stop, it doesn’t matter what day you choose to do your self-care routine. In my opinion, you should have at least one day out of the week where you take some time out for yourself, and whatever those things are that is a sense of self-care for you then you should do them. I’m not going to go in too much detail, because what I do on my self-care days is not consistent. It varies depending on what’s going on and what I really want to do when I do choose to do a self-care day. I will detail some products that I’m currently using to give you an idea on some things that you can use for your self-care routine.


I may be a natural hair influencer, but I still consider wash days an act of self-care. For me, it’s not a chore and the best part is using products that makes my hair feel and look good. And mommies, y’all know the saying…” when you look good, you feel good”! When it comes to consistency, wash days occur EVERY weekend—So, my husband can’t say my hair don’t be on fleek! Some of my favorite brands for wash day/styling are TGIN, Mielle, and Naptural Queen Hair Care, which can all be seen on my social media networks.


I recently purchased face care products from this black-owned company called, Demosea’. Prior to purchasing these products, I was just using an Olay face wash, but not the works. And when I mean works, like no toner, moisturizer…none of that. So, my desire is to have a consistent routine with a complete face care system, which is why I purchased the entire system. I started out great by using the products day and night, but I recently fell off, because I either get too lazy or I just forget. I have to remind myself that if I want to see results, then I have to use the products on a consistent basis. Y’all pray that I become more consistent!


Whew! Long showers do not exist for me anymore. However, Saturday or Sunday is usually my day to take a long shower, because we will allow EJ to just sleep in, which gives me the time I need to myself. I love a good moisturizing body scrub. The scrub that leaves beads of water on your skin. The CoCo Shea Honey Softening Body Scrub is my absolute favorite. Along with long showers, I used to enjoy going to get pedicures and manicures, but that’s non-existent right now due to Ms. Rona.


Exercise looks very different for me right now, because we have a baby, but also due to the pandemic. Lately, we’ve been doing evening walks and to add a little spin on things, we purchased a lightly used jogging stroller from Facebook Market—I will give details about this purchase later. I miss running and I definitely don’t want to use the baby as an excuse as to why I’m not doing it. To add to that, I’m going to also increase the days that I do yoga, because it’s so relaxing and it’s a great way to de-stress. Lately, I’ve been watching Arianna Elizabeth on YouTube for my yoga needs.

My self-care routine is nowhere near perfect, but the things that I am doing for myself is enough to allow me to say, I’m taking of myself. I hope this was helpful and will help inspire you to do some much needed acts of self-care. I’ll be back tomorrow!

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