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Summer Activities For Babies

Updated: Jul 27

Summer is one of my favorite seasons. This summer, my hope was to enroll EJ in infant swim lessons, visit the aquarium, and go to a baby gym. All of those plans went right out the window when COVID-19 showed up. Here are some safe and fun summer activities that we have been enjoying.

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Inflatable Swimming Pool

I’m a swimmer and I was so disappointed when I realized EJ would not be taking swim lessons this summer. As an alternative to at least introduce him to the water, we purchased the Play Day Rectangular Inflatable Pool. Just as a warning, outdoor pools are a hot commodity, because everyone else has the same idea of purchasing their own pool versus going to a community pool. Just be aware that the inflatable pools may be slightly more expensive compared to last summer.

The inflatable pool is a 120x72x22 pool, which is more enough space for three people to be in the pool at the same time. It took approximately 20 minutes to fill the pool to the recommended fill line. Although EJ was not having it when I tried float him on his back, he really enjoyed the water and playing with his B. Toys Off The Hook Large Boat and B. Toys Kids Diving Set. Just a reminder, be sure to dress your baby appropriately. Most baby swimwear has some type of UV protection. Although EJ’s Baby Gap swimwear was not UV protected, he was wearing a Speedo Bucket Hat with UV 50+ protection and we also used the Aveeno Baby Continuous Protection Sensitive Sunscreen Lotion with SPF 50.

Inflatable Baby Water Play Mat

The Inflatable Baby Water Play Mat can be an indoor or outdoor activity. With it being so hot in Georgia, I try to keep EJ in as much as possible to reduce his risk of developing a heat rash—EJ had a horrible heat rash in June. I find that the water play mat entertains EJ for quite a while, because he’s very interested to see how the fish move through the water and even tries to catch the fish, which we know is not even possible. I like that I can move the water play mat anywhere in the house and it’s mess free—BONUS!


This is another activity that can be an indoor or outdoor activity. Bubbles are very inexpensive and they provide a great activity for curious little babies. Although we’re just using standard bubbles in a bottle, I’m thinking about purchasing the Kidzlane Bubble Machine since EJ loves bubbles.

We don’t know how long this new norm will last, but making the best out of it by engaging in activities that brings that brightest smile to your baby makes all the worries disappear for at least in that moment.

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