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The Honey Pot - The Best Feminine Care System

This feminine care line, The Honey Pot, is a game changer. There’s no other feminine care brand like it and the best part about this brand is that it’s made by women, because “it takes one to know one”. I will not mention their competitors—honestly no one can compete with them, but do we really know who is the creator behind these other feminine care brands? I asked myself this question after watching the founder, Beatrice, on Instagram Live talking about her brand and the benefits her products provide. And after watching, other questions began to race through my mind.

Do these other companies have our best interest?

Do these other companies employ females in leadership roles that can advocate and make decisions based upon the needs of a female?

These are questions that need answers, because feminine products are a staple—like you really can’t live without them.

After noticing more and more women talk about The Honey Pot, I could not just keep wondering. I looked into it and immediately went to one of my favorite stores (Target!) to purchase some products. Launched in 2014, this biodegradable, cruelty-free complete feminine care system is giving us females everything that we need for proper vaginal care without the harsh chemicals, toxins, artificial fragrances, and whatever else that’s in regular feminine products that should not be there. Instead, the foundation of the Honey Pot products is herbs, which has been clinically tested and gynecology approved.

Here is a list of all The Honey Pot products:


Normal Foaming Wash, Normal Feminine Wipes, Sensitive Foaming Wash, Sensitive Feminine Wipes, Mommy-To-Be Foaming Wash, Mommy-To-Be Wipes


Menstrual Cup, Organic Regular Tampons, Organic Super Tampons, Organic Duo-Pack Tampons, Everyday Herbal Pantiliners, Overnight Herbal Pads With Wings, Regular Herbal Pads With Wings, Super Herbal Pads With Wings, Postpartum Herbal Pads


Mommy-To-Be Foaming Wash, Mommy-To-Be Wipes, Postpartum Herbal Pads

Refresh & Rejuvenate

Lavender Refreshing Panty Spray, Jasmine Refreshing Panty Spray, Calming Lavender Bath Bombs, Fragrance-Free Balancing Bath Bombs


Boric Acid & Herbs Suppositories, Soothing Lavender Vulva Cream, Soothing Body Balm

In addition, travel size products are available.

Personally, I’m never going back to those toxic feminine care brands that have been portrayed as the “best”. Even before having a baby, I have never experienced severe cramping or heavy bleeding. However, the first day cramps are not cool, but I seriously can not recall cramping when I began using The Honey Pot Herbal Pads With Wings. Just FYI, the pads contain essential oils that that help with cramps and discomfort. With growing popularity, the Honey Pot website is constantly sold out. My advice is to shop at your local retailer that carries The Honey Pot. The products that I have now were either purchased at Target or Walgreens. Use their store locator to determine where you can purchase their products in your area. I highly, highly recommend The Honey Pot. I would love to hear about your experience in the comments.

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