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Why Co-Sleeping Works For Us

Updated: Jul 15

Hi diary readers! Okay, let’s take it back to the first week when we brought EJ home. We planned to have EJ sleep in the bassinet and the bassinet would be on my side of the bed so that it would be easy access for breastfeeding sessions. Chile! That week we found out who steers the decisions in our household. At first it started out okay, but then EJ was literally waking up every five minutes. It got so bad, there were times that I would just hold him and fall asleep. The bassinet was not our friend! We did everything—changed his diaper, nursed him, hung our shirts over the bassinet, purchased a baby shusher (available at Target), swaddled, EVERYTHING! And this baby would not sleep in the bassinet.

Prior to his arrival, I purchased a co-sleeper to be used once he got older and we started traveling to see our family. By week two, the co-sleeper was in the bed. Let’s just say things got a little better, but we were still sleep deprived. It wasn’t until I started nursing EJ in the side-lying position that I realized he would sleep peacefully and quietly throughout the night—of course only waking up to nurse. BUT, this raised concerns of the risk of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) and my husband was just not comfortable sleeping in the bed with the baby being so small. I was at the point where whatever I needed to do to get some sleep, I’m doing it!

This all started the habit of EJ sleeping in the bed or better known as co-sleeping, but without these fancy co-sleepers that they sell in stores. As a result, my husband opted to sleep on the couch and come in and check on us throughout the night every few hours. I must admit, I’m a rough/dead door knob sleeper. I totally understand my husband’s reasoning for doing nightly checks, but it’s something about motherhood that changes your way of sleeping. All of this was going on while we were temporarily living with my parents, because our new home was being built. It wasn’t until we moved and purchased a king-sized bed that EL (my husband) felt comfortable enough for all of us to be in the bed at the same time.

I say all this to say, let your senses lead you into the best decision for your family. I had no intentions on having a baby sleep in the bed with us, but it just worked out to be the best option for us. I became less sleep deprived, cranky, and just everything else that comes with changes to a new human being in your life. I’ve had people look at me sideways because I’ve mentioned that my baby sleeps in the bed with us—so what! It may be a challenge to transition EJ to the crib, but that’s an avenue that we’ll deal with later. Of course, take extra precautions when co-sleeping, because SIDS is real and I don’t want to dismiss the fact the co-sleeping does increase this rate.

Co-sleeping works for us, because it’s easier to breastfeed EJ at night since he is already in the bed, EJ is more likely to sleep through the night, and I must be honest, I enjoy the cuddles with my baby boy. At the end of the day, do what works best for your family! I’ll be back tomorrow!

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